Climbing on roofs & watching the sky breathe

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Favourite fictional ladies : Maou

« Merchants always view things in terms of loss and gain. That’s why people call them stubborn or greedy monsters who are only interested in profit.
But when I look at her, I think… that may not be true at all. That the merchants, thinking longer and harder than anyone about it, may be the first to find what cannot be expressed in loss and gain.

Favourite fictional ladies : Rukia Kuchiki

« Even if no-one in the world believes you, stick out your chest and scream in defiance! »

Favourite fictional ladies : Akane Tsunemori

« Compared to the power of anger and hatred, the feelings that everyone carries in their hearts are something that can quite easily break down. People have prayed for a better world throughout time. In order for those prayers to continue to hold meaning, we have to try our best to protect it to the very end. We just can’t give up on it. »

Favourite fictional ladies : Winry Rockbell

« It’s just so lovely! The smell of oil, the hum of the ball bearings, the rugged yet amazingly beautiful form created through anatomical engineering! Aah, how wonderful you are, automail! »